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We had shipmates from two era's attend the little reunion, '60-'62 and '77-'80

  The Old Timers!!!! L-R
Charles Clock/Dave Krizenesky
Tim Hoyt/John Williams


Original Picture
Removed by Request

Dudley Newman and Sister-in-law, Lola

Brad Turner

Ken Loomer


Original Picture
Removed by Request


Ken Loomer Ann Chisenhall Ann Chisenhall


John Williams Tim Hoyt & Dave Krizenesky Charles Clock & Tim Hoyt


Lola and Louise Again Tim Hoyt





Ron and Betty Phillips

Standing: Charles Clock

Ron and Betty



Ron and Betty Lola Louise




Jack Simpson Dudley/Louise/Lola John Williams/Charles Clock
Steve and Ann Chisenhall John/Charles  Steve and Ann Chisenhall
  Roy and Connie Dowell???
What Happened?? I cannot believe I don't have pictures. Drats. Hopefully some of the others have pictures.
Sorry, Ron
Jo Simpson and Jan Williams