Mothballing This Website and
Commissioning The USS Independence Communications Department
Facebook Group


 There comes a time when a vessel is so outdated for various reasons it is no longer beneficial to support it. Effective 01 July 2009 I have decided I will no longer update this,, web site. I will maintain the domain name to direct new members to our newest vessel. We now have a Facebook group which we have found is much more personal and exciting. Below are some instructions which will assist you in your efforts to join the group.


    Facebook is more versatile than the web site in that you can post your on photographs, post links to videos and other items, communicate directly with your shipmates and have group discussions via the groups discussion board. I have transferred all pictures from this site to the Facebook group.


    There are some of you that fear security but the only security problem I see is people posting personal pictures and other information which they might have given a second thought. Facebook has tons of applications that many people like to waist their time working but I suggest you stay out of them. Other than that I see no problem.


****Current Facebook members please make sure you join the group here.





Please do join our Facebook USS Independence (CVA/CV-62) Communications Department where you can chat and post your pictures with your shipmates. 

If you need help here are directions for signing up on Facebook 

  1. Go to
  2. Under the section entitled “Sign Up”, type in the required information
  3. Follow the guided steps and click “Sign Up”
  4. On next page, under “Step 1:  Find Friends” click “Skip this Step”
  5. Complete “Step 2:  Profile Information” and click “Save and Continue”
  6. The next step will allow you to select people you know.  You can do that or not.  Then click “Save and Continue”
  7. Under “Step 3:  Join a Network” you can do that or not.  If so, choose your network and click “Join”.  If not, click “Skip this Step”.
  8. On the next page, up at the top, it will say “Your account is not yet confirmed.  Check your email for your Facebook confirmation.  Click on the blue words “Check your email”.
  9. When you get to your email inbox by clicking on that link, click on the link that it gives you in the body of the email.
  10. It will direct you back to Facebook.  You will see a box that says your account has been confirmed.  Click “Okay”.
  11. At this point, you can try to “Find People You May Know”, but the best thing to do is go ahead and click on “View and Edit Your Profile”.
  12. Proceed from the top of the page to the bottom of the page, filling in your information and saving when prompted to do so.
  13. When you have finished filling in all of that information, click “Done Editing” at the top of the page.
  14. On the left-hand side, under the silhouette picture, click on “Write something about yourself”.  In that section you can just give a short blurb on yourself, or write something witty, like your favorite saying or poem or something.  It doesn’t matter.  Just don’t leave it blank.
  15. Notice by the word “Information” under that section, there is a little picture of a pencil.  Any time you see a picture of a pencil anywhere, you can click on that and it allows you to edit that section.
  16. Now click on “Wall”.  That takes you to your wall.  You will see a box that says, “What’s on your mind?”  That is your status bar.  That is where you fill it in just to let people know what’s going on with you at that particular moment.  If I were to fill it in on my page right now, it would say, “Ronald Phillips is making up a cheat sheet for her relatives to use on Facebook”.  It is NOT where you talk to individual people.  All of your friends can see your status when you update it.  In turn, they can comment on it.
  17. Next, place your mouse in the silhouette.  You will see a box pop up that says “Change Picture” and you will see a pencil next to it.  Click on that.
  18. Click on “Change Profile Picture”.  Click on “Browse”.  Find the picture you want to use and click the box next to the sentence that says you verify the picture is okay to use and then click “Upload Picture”.  This step may be difficult for people who are not “computer savvy”.  Get help with this if you need it.  It’s hard to explain here.
  19. Up at the top right-hand corner, type “USS Independence Communications Department” into the search box.  A few choices will appear.  Click “Request to Join” next to the one with the picture of the INDY.  For security and in an attempt to keep out non INDY Communications Department people authorization is required for access to the group. It it may take as much as two days to receive this authorization from Admin.
  20. From this point on, you will need to click around and learn as you go.  Several things to remember:
    1. When you update your status, all of your friends can see it and comment on it.
    2. When you write on someone’s wall, all of your MUTUAL friends can see it and comment on it.
    3. When you write on someone’s wall, no one can see it unless they are MUTUAL friends with the person whose wall you are writing on.
    4. If you want to send a private message, you need to do so.  Otherwise, other people can see it.  Do that by either clicking “Send message” on that person’s page or go to your inbox (tab up at the top of your page) and send it to them that way.
    5. People can tag you in pictures.  That means if you are in a picture that they have, or that they see on someone else’s page, they can click on your face and identify you in the picture.  Any picture that you are tagged in will show up on your page.  You can remove the tag if you don’t like the picture.
    6. Whenever you log into facebook, remember to look up near the top right of the page under “Requests”.  You will see where people have asked to be your friend there.  You’ll see lots of other stuff there also.  You tend to get a lot of “junk requests” there.  You will learn what to accept and what to ignore on a trial and error basis.
    7. Also, down at the bottom right of the page, you will see a tiny square where notifications for you are located.  If you have any, a red box will be there.  Click on that red box and it tells you who has written on your wall, commented on your pictures, etc.  Just click on blue links.  You really will learn this also through trial and error. 
  21. There is a lot more to learn, but you will have to do that on your own by clicking around.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on Facebook!  I don’t mind helping you out!
  22. Have fun!  Take your time and just go with the flow.  It will get easier and easier as you use it.