USS Independence  



Green "C" Won CY76 and CY81



  I was hoping to research a navy pub and give you good info on the Green "C", but that will take time and I know you are biting at the bit for some info, so here goes as I "wing it": I believe we won the AIRLANT Green "C" in CY 1981. The Green "C" (for communications excellence) is actually a sub-set award of the Battle Efficiency Award System (White "E"). INDY went up against all the East Coast CV/CVN's in 1981 for the Green "C" and was picked by type commander (COMNAVAIRLANT) for the best all-around communicating carrier for that year. I believe our embarked commander (COMCRUGRU EIGHT) COMMO (+RMCM Mac) were instrumental in strongly recommending that we get the award. The Green "C", as I recall, is awarded to the CV/CVN that scores the highest marks in various communication drills and exercises (COMPTUEX/FLEETEX, etc).,  pushing traffic totals, low CASREPS rate, GTMO drill scores, and last but not least, a communication department where the kakai got alone real well with the embarked staff and group commander's RM's. Keeping the AIRWING COMMO's happy also added a little boast to the score. It was a time and place where a lot of good, hard working sailors clicked as a team to be the best communicators they could. I think moral in our group at that time was pretty good, guys cared for each other, our kakai and senior PO's looked after our RM's and SM's, and all things wasn't too bad. As I look back and think of those days, all things considered, we did the best we could with what we had plus we have a little fun along the way.

LT Kurt Merkling, USN Ret